Senior Electrical Engineer, Project & Construction


This position will be a member of the technical team working primarily on the development of Australian renewable energy projects. Responsible for the review and preliminary design process, plant performance estimates, electrical and SCADA design.  The incumbent will keep up to date with equipment developments, writing and managing technical specifications, liaising with internal and external stakeholders about technical and design items, contracts for technical aspects of project development, and assisting with general technical and engineering work for the Vena Energy Australia business. 


Project Development  

  • Lead the technical design and review for Australian projects in the development phase.
  • Lead the preliminary design and engineering process.
  • Provide technical input to queries, reports and submissions for internal and external stakeholders, including knowledge and deliverables around designs, layouts, and specifications. Internal stakeholders include members of the technical, DA, stakeholder, PPA, financial modelling, legal, construction and operations teams. External stakeholders include EPC contractors, OEMs, consultants, network service providers and AEMO. 
  • Assist with general technical and engineering work, including regulatory, planning, grid connection, technical design, tender specifications and review, design reviews and other aspects of renewable energy project developments.
  • Participate in the identification and development of new renewable energy sites.
  • Provide technical assessment of development assets being considered for acquisition.
  • Keep a consideration of environmental and social impacts and the company’s commercial drivers.
  • Communicate with and prepare reports for company management as required.


Industry and Market Knowledge 

  • Maintain relationships with key suppliers and keep abreast of the supplier, equipment, technology, and product developments.
  • Keep abreast of project, industry, and market developments in Australia and overseas and consider how they could affect the technical aspects of Vena Energy Australia’s projects and business.
  • Thorough knowledge of market trends and competitor activities, consider if and how the technical aspects of VEA’s projects should adjust or develop in order to stay competitive and cutting edge.


Permitting and Compliance  

  • Provide technical inputs for development applications and modifications, including preliminary designs, layouts, and specifications.
  • Keep abreast of construction and legislative technical requirements and changes, as well as any state-based or local technical requirements.


Stakeholder Management  

  • Build and maintain good relationships with landowners during site visits.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key external stakeholders (including EPC contractors, OEMs, consultants, network service providers and AEMO).
  • Build and maintain relationships with key internal stakeholders (including the technical, DA, stakeholder, PPA, financial modelling, legal, construction and operations teams).


Business Development  

  • Develop a network of contacts and information sources to ensure timely access to information on technology, suppliers, renewable energy project market activities and potential business development opportunities.


Risk Management  

  • Identify, highlight, consider, analyse, and minimise technical risks when evaluating sites for developments and acquisitions, and when evaluating equipment for use in our development projects.
  • Contribute to risk management plans and processes.
  • Ensure technical inputs for development applications and modifications include consideration of future technology developments in order to provide flexibility in project design.
  • Ensure that all relevant technical items are covered in contracts and technical specifications such that risk is appropriately allocated between the contract parties and any technical risk borne by VEA is understood.
  • Consider and highlight risks and tradeoffs (in areas such as cost, environmental impact and health and safety) during project construction versus ongoing costs during project O&M.


  • Negotiate technical scopes of work and contract terms with consultants, contractors and suppliers as required.


Document Control and Management  

  • Ensure technical documents are saved in appropriate locations on the VEA server.
  • Manage clear document control and change control of technical documents.


  • Bachelor of Science or Engineering with a major in Electrical Engineering


  • At least 5-10 years’ experience in electrical engineering and power systems design
  • Experience with Project Management is preferred


Technical Skills:

  • Electrical design
  • Power system design
  • Solar power plant design
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD 
  • Proficiency with PVsyst 
  • Electrical SLDs, protection, communications, SCADA, and metering


Soft Skills:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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