Equis Energy Appoints Financial Advisors

Singapore, 18 April 2017 – Equis Energy (Equis), Asia’s largest independent renewable energy independent power producer (IPP), has appointed Credit Suisse (Singapore) Limited and J.P. Morgan (S.E.A.) Limited as Financial Advisors and Global Coordinators to conduct a strategic review with respect to its renewable energy portfolio, which is the largest in Asia‐Pacific based on generation capacity. Equis comprises 102 assets, totaling 4.7 GW of utility‐scale solar, wind and hydro generation assets across Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, and has a further 71 assets and 6.3 GW under development.

Equis Board Director David Russell said, “We are pleased to be working with Credit Suisse and J.P. Morgan on implementing this important next phase in our evolution. We have grown our portfolio by over 80 MW per month on average since acquiring our first asset in 2012, and we are keen to expand our ownership base with partners who are excited by the growth we have achieved and target for the future.”

In the countries in which it operates, Equis employs large local management teams that assume the origination, land, early stage development, grid assessment, construction management and operations functions. This allows Equis to retain control of the development and construction process, thereby providing greater assurance of project completion.

“Relying on our local management teams and maintaining control of decision‐making throughout the entire asset lifecycle has resulted in a 100% completion track record of assets that commence construction, and we have successfully transitioned 100% of Shovel Ready and 75% of Advanced assets to construction. We have no competitors with a similar track record in Asia‐Pacific, the largest and fastest‐growing renewable energy region globally,” Mr Russell noted.


Press Release


April 18, 2017