Vena Energy Launches the “Vena Energy Undergraduate Sponsorship” Program in Partnership with The University of Tokyo to Promote Gender Equality in STEM Education and Renewable Energy

Vena Energy, Asia-Pacific’s leading renewable energy company, announced today the launch of the “Vena Energy Undergraduate Sponsorship” (VENUS) Program with the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo in Japan, aimed at encouraging gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, as well as the development of future talent for the renewable energy industry.

The VENUS Sponsorship Program is open to undergraduates in their third year who are pursuing their degrees at The University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Engineering. Two undergraduates will be selected each year, and their selection will be based on their academic performance during their first and second years of study. The undergraduates will also be required to submit an essay on the topic of “Future Possibilities with Renewable Energy” or “The Importance of Gender Equality” and participate in an interview with a panel of representatives from the University of Tokyo. Students selected for this program will receive sponsorship during the final 2 years of their undergraduate degree.

To commemorate this partnership, Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy Japan, visited the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus on April 18, 2022, and received a certificate of gratitude from Professor Ishizaka Kyoko, Chair of the School of Engineering’s Gender Equality Committee 2021. 

“Vena Energy believes that diversity and inclusion are integral for fostering creativity, collaboration, and intersectional perspectives, which will enable us to accelerate the energy transition across the Asia-Pacific and help Japan achieve its net-zero emission goals in the near future,” said Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy Japan. “We are delighted to partner with the University of Tokyo to promote gender equality within STEM education and in the renewable energy industry, and we hope that our partnership will cultivate an environment where the next generation is encouraged to contribute towards building a more sustainable society.”

“The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo is actively promoting gender equality initiatives as part of its diversity and inclusion promotion activities. We hope that this program will encourage the success of the next generation of students and help provide a strong push towards making gender equality a reality in the field of engineering,” said Professor Ishizaka Kyoko, Chair of the School of Engineering’s Gender Equality Committee 2021.

The VENUS Program was first initiated in April 2021 in Singapore, home to Vena Energy’s corporate headquarters, with Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) as its inaugural VENUS partner. Vena Energy also welcomed its inaugural recipients of the VENUS Program in November 2021 and continues to expand the VENUS Program through engagements with the local communities and universities across the Asia-Pacific. 


May 13, 2022