Hitachiomiya Solar Project

Ibaraki Prefecture

Consisting of 121,980 photovoltaic modules spanning an area of 41.23 hectares, the Hitachiomiya Solar Project is our 23rd renewable project in Japan, which brings our total operational capacity to 414 megawatts.

Towada Solar Project

Aomori Prefecture

The 18-megawatt Towada Solar Project is Vena Energy’s 10th solar project in the Aomori Prefecture, and was completed in November 2019. Capable of producing up to 19,704-megawatt hours annually, the Towada Solar Project features 46,424 photovoltaic modules of 395-watt peak (Wp) each, covering an area of 28.53-hectares.

Mingus Solar Project

Chiayi County, Taiwan

The Mingus Solar Project is the largest ground mount utility scale solar project in Taiwan, consisting of 200,000 photovoltaic modules that span an area approximately 80-hectres. Nestled in salt plains of Chiayi County in Taiwan, the project is capable of producing over 90-gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable energy annually.


South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

With a total of 20 wind turbines, each with 80-tonne blades 63-metres long and five-metres wide, the 72-megawatt Tolo Wind Project is a truly impressive sight to behold.

Pililla Wind Project

Rizal Province, Philippines

Commissioned in June 2015, the 54-megawatt Pililla Wind Farm consists of 27 wind turbines that stretches 125-meters in height, strategically situated on the lush hills with strong winds in Pililla, Philippines. Capable of producing more than 132,000-megawatts, the Pililla Wind Farm can meet the electricity needs of approximately 66,000 local households.

Tailem Bend Solar Project

Adelaide, Australia

The Tailem Bend Solar Project is Vena Energy’s first renewable project since entering the Australia market in 2016. Consisting of 390,000 photovoltaic solar panels, the project covers an area approximately 280-hectares and is estimated to deliver more than 200,000 MW hours of renewable energy per year.