1st Blue Sky Environmental Speech Contest in Seoul, Korea

Vena Energy launched its inaugural “Blue Skies Environmental Speech” Contest in South Korea, to provide students from elementary and middle schools a platform to voice their remedies, hopes and concerns about the environment. A total of 10 students, five from each level, were selected as finalists, and their speeches judged by a panel of esteemed judges that was led by the Head of Vena Energy Mr. Kwangjin Cheong, Mr. Jinseok Gong of Vestas Korea, Ilsang Jeong a teacher in Tongyeong, Youngbong Ham from the Haewon Cultural Foundation, and Chansung Park from Dohwa Engineering.

The theme of the contest was “Our Environment and Future”, and its goal was to cultivate the interest and appreciation for the environment among the elementary and middle-school students. Referencing the theme, the students had to deliver a speech that included their ideas on how to “regain the blue sky” by reducing environmental pollution caused by fine dust. The students’ speeches were evaluated based on their content, persuasion, creativity, communication skills and expression.

Vena Energy congratulates all winners of the “Blue Skies Environmental Speech” contest.