Our Communities

Vena Energy believes sustainability is about working together with diverse stakeholders for a better world and future. For families in rural communities and small towns where many of our projects are located, Vena Energy’s projects are an opportunity for the next generation to stay and work a job in the place where they grew up.

Donation and Delivery of Heating Solutions to the Host Communities During Winter

The winter months can be a punishing season for most, especially the low-income families and the elderly who live in the rural areas of Seoul. On 7 December, employees of Vena Energy in South Korea provided heating solutions to help the members of the community stave off the cold. The essentials were delivered safely to its grateful beneficiaries, while abiding with the local pandemic regulations.

Mask Donation and Coastal Clean-up in Yokji, South Korea

On 25 June 2021, Vena Energy participated in a donation and environmental conservation activity on the island of Yokji, south of the coast of South Korea. During the event, Vena Energy donated 11,000 Vena Energy-branded reusable masks to 2,049 Yokji islanders and worked together to clean up the shoreline and breakwaters of the island.

Humanitarian aid for the village of Veloda, India

The surge in COVID-19 infection rates in the state of Gujarat in India in May 2021 led to a state-wide lockdown, leaving thousands of people without a source of income or access to food and essentials. Vena Energy dispatched a team to provide humanitarian aid to 150 households in the village of Veloda, delivering groceries such as rice, flour, sugar, potatoes and an assortment of spices, in addition to personal health and hygiene kits to the villagers.

Vena Energy Welcomes Dignitaries at Mingus Solar Project

Vena Energy welcomed the dignitaries from the Taiwan government, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and members of the media at the 70.2 MW Mingus Solar Project, Taiwan’s largest private ground-based solar project, located in Chiayi County. Adhering to ESG principles and Vena Energy’s Green Financing Framework, the award-winning Mingus Solar Project is unique in Taiwan, as it harmonizes solar energy development with environmental and biodiversity conservation.