Origination & Policy Advocacy Sr. Manager


The role provide general guidance to management on policy, planning & advocacy in line with relevant Philippine energy laws, policies and programs as well as with industry trends and issues.


  • Provide policy, planning and advocacy advise to the business in response to existing Philippine energy laws, policies and programs that impact the operation /execution of projects in operation and under development, respectively;
  • Lead in the formulation, planning, messaging and implementation of company response / input to possible / emerging energy laws, policies programs ensuring that company strategy / business model are timely, appropriate and responsive to opportunities, advantages and/or disadvantages these may/will entail;
  • Develop/manage relationships and networks within the Renewable Energy sector and in the wider energy industry including but not limited to NGCP, DU/ECs of the Philippines so company is kept informed and updated of important/critical developments within the industry;
  • Identify trends and issues related to /that will impact the industry in general and the company specifically, and develop strategies, plans and interventions around these as appropriate;
  • Regulation and policy formulation for DOE/ERC;
  • Attend various DOE/ERC related activities for policy formation;
  • Conduct independent research on multiple energy and climate issues; and
  • Assist with drafting materials including reports, white papers, Preliminary Investment Approval Reports, Investment Approval Reports and fact sheets.


  • Graduate of Business or any related course


  • Extensive experience in the power or renewable energy sector
  • Deep understanding of Philippine energy laws and regulations


  • Strong interest in understanding trends and issues relating to the power industry
  • Highly analytical
  • Strong verbal communication skills and ability to work well with others.

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