Donation of surgical masks to our host communities in Japan

Between 22nd to 28 May Vena Energy Japan and its subsidiary Nippon Wind Energy (NWE) donated a total of 12,000 surgical masks to its wind project host communities in Aomori, Fukui , Tottori, Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Shimane. These surgical masks will assist the communities that may face shortage of surgical masks and other essentials.

Since May this year, Vena Energy Japan has donated a total of 14,600 surgical masks that will benefit over 10,000 households across all it’s host communities in Japan including Kunimi, Tottori, Tottori-Seibu, Shimane, Karatsu, Kagoshima, Matsuura, Nakaura, Nakadomari, Amakusa, Reihoku, Shichinohe, Takayama, Kawakami and Minamimaki.

We look forward to continuing our community engagement through the use of technology, and we hope delivery of essentials will help them during these trying times.