Wind Farm Site Manager


The role is responsible for the safe and proper operation of the Wind farm, switchyard, transmission line and associated control and monitoring systems. This function oversees the daily actions of the operations and maintenance staff, directly implementing the Operations Plan and Maintenance Program, and provides direction in corrective actions during upset conditions.

The incumbent will be assigned in Pililla at the province of Rizal.


  • Overall management and oversight of the project in consultation with the O&M Provider;
  • Monitor all site activities and progress;
  • Prepare Monthly Reports;
  • Check compliance with, applicable permits and approvals;
  • Responsible for the safe and proper operation of the Wind farm, substation, switchyard, transmission line and associated control and monitoring systems;
  • Supervise the daily activities of the operations and maintenance staff;
  • Direct the implementation of the Operations Plan and Maintenance Program and identifies those areas which may need improvements;
  • Inspect records and logbook entries, and communicate with other plant personnel, in order to assess equipment operating status;
  • Respond to upset conditions and takes necessary corrective actions, as reported by the operators;
  • Report abnormal or emergency plant conditions;
  • Implement the plant’s preventive maintenance program, including equipment failure records, and provide trend information to the Board;
  • Administer the spare parts inventory control program and prepare requisitions for purchase orders for replacement parts, as required;
  • Prepare equipment malfunction reports, makes inspections and from observation, determines whether equipment is operating properly;
  • Ensure that start up and shut down procedures for all plant equipment and processes are properly implemented;
  • Coordinate with utilities (NGCP/distribution utility/electric cooperative) concerning scheduling of outages and system interface requirements; and
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Must be a Licensed Electrical Engineer


  • At least 7-8 years’ experience in Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • Experience in power plant and renewable energy is an advantage
  • 3+ years’ experience with planning and implementing routine O&M plans as well as minor and major corrective work
  • Experience with environmental and governmental compliance


  • Has the ability to work proactively and productively with limited supervision
  • Disciplined in following protocols and procedures
  • Good communication skills
  • People management skills

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