Vena Energy and NTU Singapore Welcomes the Inaugural Recipients of the Vena Energy Women Undergraduate Sponsorship

Vena Energy, Asia-Pacific’s leading renewable energy company, announced today the recipients of its inaugural Vena Energy Women Undergraduate Sponsorship (“VENUS”) program, Ms. Bellna Chew and Ms. Tan Ching Ying, from The Asian School of the Environment at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). Each recipient will receive a sponsorship valued at US$10,000 each year for the duration of their degree and includes an internship opportunity at Vena Energy, and mentorship from its female leaders. The recipients were interviewed and selected by an esteemed panel that included senior faculty members from NTU Singapore, as well as Ms. Anna Ho, Chief Human Resources Officer of Vena Energy.

From left: Juwon Chae (Group Head, Corporate and Sustainable Finance), Tan Ching Ying, Anna Ho (Chief Human Resources Officer), Bellna Chew, and Nitin Apte (Chief Executive Officer)

“We are delighted to welcome Ms. Bellna Chew and Ms. Tan Ching Ying as the inaugural recipients of the VENUS sponsorship. Climate change affects all of us equally, and at Vena Energy, we believe that women need to be given the same opportunities in the advancement of renewable energy,” said Anna Ho, Chief Human Resources Officer of Vena Energy. “We hope that through the VENUS program we can discover and nurture female talent that can help shape a more sustainable future. We thank Ms. Lien Siaou-Sze, Vice-President, University Advancement, and NTU Singapore for their support of the VENUS program, and we look forward to growing the partnership in the years to come.”

The VENUS recipients together with their Vena Energy mentors


“We would like to congratulate Ms. Bellna Chew and Ms. Tan Ching Ying for being selected as the inaugural recipients of the VENUS sponsorship. The VENUS programme provides an excellent platform for talented young women to contribute to the development of renewable energy and dovetails NTU’s Sustainability Manifesto that will guide the University’s wide-ranging sustainability efforts over the next 15 years,” said Ms Lien Siaou-Sze

“I am very grateful to receive this award from Vena Energy. This award provides me with the opportunity to experience working in the renewable energy industry,” said Bellna Chew. “By taking steps to conserve the environment, promote sustainability, and protect biodiversity, we are also safeguarding ourselves and future generations from the changing climate”. 

“Gender diversity is a strength that would boost the renewable energy industry because different viewpoints spark creativity and innovation,” said Tan Ching Ying. “Creativity and innovation are likely to catalyze new ideas, which would allow the industry to advance. New ideas are especially relevant in the renewable energy industry, which is relatively new, so industry practices are likely not entrenched and would possess a great potential for improvement”.

Launched in April 2021 with NTU Singapore as its inaugural partner, Vena Energy’s VENUS program is open to both local and international women undergraduates, and it is aimed to promote scholastic excellence, education, and future employment opportunities to those pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees at the tertiary education level. Vena Energy is currently in discussions to expand the VENUS program with universities across the Asia-Pacific region, with the goal of creating an inclusive and diverse workforce for the renewable energy industry.


11 月 22, 2021