Vena Energy Officially Launches Mingus Education Centre and Wildlife Conservation Area

[Chiayi County, Taiwan] Vena Energy, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading independent power producers (IPP), announced today the launch of the Mingus Education Centre and Wildlife Conservation Area, which is now open to the public. An integral part of the 70MW Mingus Solar Project in the Chiayi County, the Mingus Education Centre and Wildlife Conservation Area is dedicated to the protection of local and migratory wildlife, as well as to raising awareness about biodiversity and environmental sustainability through renewable energy.  The launch also marks the start of a partnership between Vena Energy and the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society (高雄市野鳥學會) to conduct workshops and wildlife studies at the Mingus Education Centre and conservation area.

“Our mission is to advance sustainable energy development and facilitate the transition towards clean, renewable energy in Taiwan, while preserving the environment and its biodiversity” said XS Koo, Head of Vena Energy Taiwan. “The protection of the local flora and fauna, including the wellbeing of wild birds and the conservation of their natural habitat, were our top priorities prior to the development of the Mingus Solar Project. During the development and construction stages we consulted with the Chinese Wild Birds Federation (中華民國野鳥學會) and Kun Shan University (崑山科技大學) to conduct frequent on-site surveys and integrate their recommendations into our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives, in order to control the potential impact of our activities on the site. With the launch of the Mingus Education centre, we are delighted to continue our collaboration with the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society and further our commitment towards the preservation of biodiversity in our host communities”.

“The Mingus Solar Project is the first ground-based demonstration of a solar project that co-exists in harmony with wildlife,” said the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society. “We are very cautious of the coexistence of the wetlands and the development of solar projects, and with the Mingus Solar Project we look forward to finding the balance between conservation, solar energy and sustainable community development. In the future, we also seek to promote local ecological, sustainability and environmental education programs to foster a greater appreciation of wetland conservation.”

The Mingus Solar Project is the largest private operating solar project in Taiwan, built on a previously abandoned salt plain, and host to a large number of wild birds including the endangered Black-Faced Spoonbill. Since the completion of the project, the Mingus Solar Project has seen an increased number of wild birds making the Ecological Conservation Area their permanent home to breed and feed. In addition, the Mingus Solar Project is capable of producing over 106,000 MWh of renewable energy annually, and will provide clean energy to an estimated 19,700 households, while reducing around 53,347 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and saving 100 million litres of water per year.

The Mingus Education Centre and Ecological Conservation Area are open to the public by appointment only, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Admission is free, and visitors are advised to make their reservations by sending a message to the administrator of the Mingus Education Centre Fans Facebook page here.


October 13, 2020