Joint Press Release: Vena Energy, Yonden, and Toho Gas Form an Offshore Wind Partnership in Aomori South

Vena Energy Holdings Ltd (“Vena Energy”), Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc (“Yonden”), and Toho Gas Co., Ltd (“Toho Gas”), announced today the establishment of a consortium for the development of an offshore wind project in Aomori South, identified by the Japanese Government as a promising area for the development of offshore wind projects under the Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities. The project is currently undergoing all steps of the development process, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), technical and sustainability-related activities, as well as stakeholders and community engagement, with the intention to participate in the auction following the potential designation of Aomori South as offshore wind promotion area.

The consortium brings together vast expertise and deep knowledge of the renewable energy sector and the Japanese power market. Vena Energy, which helms the consortium, is a leading renewable energy developer, owner, and operator with over 200 wind and solar projects under operation, construction, and development across Asia Pacific, including 27 operating solar and wind assets in Japan and numerous offshore wind projects domestically and across the region. Vena Energy is a portfolio company of Global Infrastructure Partners (“GIP”), a leading global independent infrastructure fund manager with a renewable energy portfolio of over 100 gigawatts in operation, construction, and development, and a solid foundation of offshore wind experience. Yonden is a leading electricity generation and retail company in the Ehime, Kagawa, Koichi, and Tokushima prefectures, with investment experience also in the Taiwanese offshore wind sector. Toho Gas is a prominent gas and power supply company in the Tokai region, with approximately 2.87 million customer accounts in Japan and has recently announced an investment in the offshore wind sector in Taiwan.

“Offshore wind will be a key driver of the transition to a sustainable energy sector in Japan and we are excited to partner in this effort with Yonden and Toho Gas, two like-minded companies with an unparalleled focus on servicing local communities across Japan and a strong determination to contribute to the sustainable energy transition,” said Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy Japan. “With the Aomori South Offshore wind project, we look forward to contributing to the achievement of Japan’s energy independence and carbon neutrality goals, while empowering and benefiting our local communities and stakeholders.”


May 10, 2022

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