Vena Energy Announces the Commercial Operation of the Nakasato Wind Project in Japan

Vena Energy, Asia-Pacific’s leading renewable energy company, announced today that the 47 MW “Nakasato” Wind Project has achieved commercial operation. Spanning an area of 24 hectares in the outskirts of Nakadomari Town in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, the Nakasato Wind Project consists of 13 wind turbines and can supply clean energy for up to 22,000 local households yearly. Compared to thermal energy generation, it will also reduce approximately 61,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, while saving up to 87 million litres of water annually.

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations on the successful start of commercial operation of the Nakasato Wind Project. The need to tackle global warming has been growing recently and there have been increasing efforts being made around the world to reduce its impact. Considering this, Nakadomari town too would like to do its part in protecting our environment and building a more sustainable society through this project, which makes use of our town’s wind energy,” said Toyomitsu Hamadate, Mayor of Nakadomari Town. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Vena Energy to carry out a wide range of initiatives, promoting eco-tourism and restoration works, including the old Miyakoshi House that still houses the stained-glass windows from the Taisho period. We have high hopes that the Nakasato Wind Project will not only be welcomed by the residents but will also reach new heights by growing together with the local community.”

“We are delighted to deliver this project to our host communities of Nakadomari and Aomori prefecture, who have been supporting our renewable energy developments,” said Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy Japan. “Aomori Prefecture is an important contributor to Japan’s energy transition and a key focus of our efforts in the country. Across Japan, Vena Energy currently has 32 solar and wind energy projects under operation, totaling 715 MW. We look forward to continuing our engagement with our stakeholders and contributing together towards Japan’s net-zero emission goals, energy independence and preservation of our environment and biodiversity.”


November 22, 2022

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