Vena Energy Unveils Blue Marlin Offshore Wind Project in Gippsland Basin

Vena Energy, Asia-Pacific’s leading renewable energy company, unveiled its plans today for the 2,000 MW Blue Marlin Offshore Wind Project off the Victorian Coast in the Gippsland Basin. The project is an important part of Vena Energy’s offshore wind portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region and is expected to be developed over several stages, with construction commencing in 2028.

Owen Sela, Head of Vena Energy in Australia, said that the Blue Marlin Offshore Wind Project was first identified as an ideal site for offshore wind development by Vena Energy in 2017, with a location over 23 km off the coast to minimise visual impact and take advantage of stronger offshore winds. He also commented on the leadership demonstrated by state and federal governments to create an environment that could leverage existing infrastructure and skills to establish an internationally recognised offshore wind industry.

“Recent changes in regulation and market landscape have highlighted the importance of offshore wind as a large-scale renewable energy source that has the potential to deliver improved security of supply, greater diversity in the energy mix, and better outcomes for electricity consumers,” Mr. Sela said.

“Climate change presents a real and ever-present threat to the environment, as well as our way of life, and Vena Energy is committed to accelerating the development of innovative renewable energy projects and generation of clean, sustainable energy in Australia,” Mr. Sela said.

Mr. Sela said that the development of the Blue Marlin project will make significant contributions to the economy throughout its lifespan, generating increased business and employment opportunities.  Vena Energy supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional, and Australian suppliers wherever possible, and is committed to developing the capacity of local businesses and the required skills base, to support the offshore wind industry in Victoria.


October 20, 2022

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